Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays Freebie!

Hi Everyone,

Everyone's been asking what an Eric Fortune snowman Holiday card would look like....ok, so that's a lie.  No one has ever asked that question.  Ever.  I did this little promo piece a while back and had a lot of fun painting it.  I thought I'd go ahead and share this one for the holiday season for anyone who wants to make a card, give it to a friend, or blow it up and try to reverse engineer my technique, have at it ;)  This is a give away and I do request it not be used for profit making of any sort.  Just paying it forward.

Hope everyone survived the Apocalypse and continues to have a Merry Christmas, Great Holiday Season, New Years, and life in general.


...Hane... said...

sweet :)

Katherine Thomas said...

This is a beautiful painting! I'd like to read about how you come up with your ideas, and if you have any advice about creating imaginative paintings like this one. (I've been reading Gurney's book, yes...)
Thanks for sharing your work, and Merry Christmas!

cupcake studio said...

Yep, totally could've used him last week :) LOVE it. Merry, merry!