Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Identity Theft" Gallery Show

Jul 11-Aug 14

Identity Theft: Reinventing the Comic Hero
identity theft poses the question of what happens when Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and other iconic characters from comic books are re-imagined and reinvented by some of today's best underground and emerging artists. Through the art works on view-paintings, watercolors, found object sculpture, digital renderings and more-the exhibition explores this subject as a means of connecting and complicating the relationship between hero and viewer.

Guest Curator: Chris Uminga
Opening Reception: July 11, 5-7 PM

Best Eraser in the World!?

My friend recently back from a two year stint in Japan brought back an amazing gift. An award winning eraser. Designed to always have a sharp edge for precise erasing!!! It's so frickin cool that I'm scared to use it. What to do...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ChiKit's Gallery Opening

Chi Kit Kwong, an artist friend of mine had an opening not too long ago here in Columbus. I should've posted this up a while ago. I suck. But it's here now....still sucking but not as bad.

Road Trip to SDCC

That's right. I'll be embarking on a cross country journey to San Diego's Comic Convention....hooray :/ First off, the longest I've ever driven by myself is 6 hours. Why? Cause I'm not good at it. Hopefully, lots of caffeine and the supply of audio books I've been workin on will be good company. My first stop is gonna be Houston, TX. where I plan to stay for a week or so at my cousin's house. I, of course, am bringing all my supplies and will be working throughout the trip. Hopefully, I'll have some new work to share at the Con.