Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Escapist Final

I just finished this piece a few days ago. It's been on the back burner for a few years now. It was originally started for a gallery show themed Monsters and Telephone Poles. As soon as I read the theme I got a flash of an image and sketched it out in about 10 sec. Literally. It took longer than expected to paint the forms around the female figure because I didn't have a clear vision of what I wanted. So I moved slowly and made adjustments as I went. I turned out completely different than expected. I'm happy with how it turned out. And def glad it's not on the back burner anymore:)

The Escapist Progress Pix and Close Ups

Andy Clarkson Again

My friend Andy flew into Escondido, CA from Columbus, OH for a show he was in. Project 57 at Distinction Gallery. Every work was 5"x7". The work was auctioned off and all the proceeds went to medical research. It was great to be able to hang out with Andy in CA. Great timing:)

Road Trip California

After Houston I planned on visiting friends in Phoenix, AZ. Didn't happen. Why? Painting got outta control and I had to bust some arse to meet some deadlines. I promise to hit you guys up on the way back.

I drove about 26 hours straight to muthergrabbin Anaheim(should've been 22 hrs. I need to get gps) I then slept for about two hours and took my ass to San Diego. That trip was another 4 hours because a semi-truck tipped over and exploded. Shiste!

Currently crashing at my brother and his girl's familia's casa. Here's Adam, my niece Jaydee, and my art desk garage set up.

Comic Con 08

Kickin it with some art Gangstas at Comic Con 08. It was an amazingly exhausting experience. It's my second time here and def not the last. It's a great opportunity to meet old friends and make some new ones. And def a great place for networking and getting drunk. Also, one of my faves. The pedicabs. The hairy guy ones of course!

(Lft Image: Cloclwise me and Kristina, Jon Foster getting his sketch on, Josh the Jizz-aims throwing crazy gang signs, then Woodrow Hinton coming back with one of his own. It might be easy for the novice to mix these signs up. Please note the thumb crook and flush fingers vs the point thumb and crossover. Both hailing from CCAD)

(Rt Image: Bawidamann, Me , and Dan. then Andy(busted) and Irene, Dave "Hired Meat" Crosland in the Hiddouse, lastly Me, Al, Johnny Boy, Chris, and Mark) Hope to see you all next year^_^

Road Trip Houston

Aight, as you may know I'm currently on a cross Country road trip. Destination San Diego Comic Con. First Stop(not including rest areas) Houston, TX. Chillin with my cousin Hien, who recently moved to NY, my friend Mike who helped with some posing for a new piece that turned out pretty nice. Thanks Mike. And bearded Eric.

Also, when I've been painting for too long and need a break I hire my cousin Tony here to handle my business while I'm out. 10 cents an hour isn't a lot of money. He's training to work at Nike. What!? You got something to say Tony??? That's what I thought. 40 pts from Griffendor!!!


Whoa! I'm retarded! that pic is huge. But if you ever wanted to look up Woodrow's niznose now is you chiznance. Don't waste it. Or even better feel free to comment on it:) Spankis!


Yes, they're connected at the waist. Hanging with Andy Bawidamann

You can also see a piece of his on the upcoming Spectrum 15

And Woodrow Hinton Da Third(his MC name)

Eating spaskettti with chili on top. Good Times

Mike Phillips ComFest

I met Mike at college and he was always one of those guys you had to keep you eye on. And he's gotten much better since. I saw Mike at the Columbus Community Festival. Here's a few pix of his more figurative paintings. For more of his work check out

He's currently out in CA. Hopefully I'll get a chance to visit while out here on the west coast.

Late Blogging

Okay, I've been kinda busy lately. And haven't updated as often as I would like. So I'm gonna do some catching up here. And just post a bunch of stuff that I've been putting off. Hope there's something here to catch your interest:)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Joe Kovach

This piece was just finished by my friend Joe Kovach( and I think it turned out fantastic! Actually I love it:) Beautiful piece Joe.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Comic Con 08

Comic Con. It was my second year going and it's just as exhausting! I didn't see any panels or even much of the con. I was posted up around the artists section. And I met some old school peeps I ain't seen in a while, Dave Crosland, and Keron Grant. Both seem to be doing well. I also made some good contacts for art. I'm in a hopeful mood. I think I have a good opportunity before me. I don't want to jinx myself but I will try my best. And seriously, next year, no working around Comic Con. Mandatory!

Begotten Final

This is basically done. Although, I think I might want to go back at some point and pronounce his aura tendril thingys a bit.

"Begotten" Progress Pix

Here's a new promotional piece I'm working on. About 15x20 acrylic on water color paper. You know how I roll.