Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Sketch

Currently working on the color comp. Should be taking photo reference tomorrow. Will post more later.


Jessie. said...

Eric, how do you find people to take reference of, I find it hard getting exactly what I want out of the model, even with sketches that Ive shown them ?

JJacks said...

Ooo, something with a bit of scenery. I like the tall vertical feeling of the sketch. I'm always excited to see your sketches and they develop into beautiful paintings. :)

EricFortune said...

Jessie- I ask a lot of friends and family members to pose. Over the years I've developed a list of people who are comfortable posing. Some people are better than others. I find out how absolutely wrong my anatomy is in my sketches when I have my model pose. Finding a balance between sketch and photo ref can be difficult. It also helps not to have every painting revolve around nude figures for obvious reason. Most aren't comfortable posing for such things.
JJacks- yes, I think I'm getting back into a little more environment with some upcoming works:)