Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Sketch

Something I'm workin on...


MJC *-* said...

lovely. can't wait till you start to paint it. I should make the nipples a little higher on the breast, from a woman point of view :P

EricFortune said...

Indeed. I think I actually need to lower the bottom of the breast a bit as well. If only I have some breasts for reference....... .... cue chirping crickets.

Grant Gilsdorf said...

I was recently running the rounds on the Empty Kingdom website and stumbled across your work. I was absolutely enchanted and blown away to say the least. I noticed that you are a Columbus based artist.

The reason i am contacting you is that i teach high school painting at Olentangy Liberty High School in Powell, OH ( just north of columbus). I was curious if you might have any interest in coming in and sharing your process, tips, etc with my kiddos. We have already looked at your work for a project they are about to jump on when we return from our spring break.

Might we have a chance for you to pop by, this year, or next school year, or at the very least could I meet up and just talk shop with you to pass along to my students?

let me know please, and keep doing your thing! you are an inspiration

you can hit me back at: