Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thank You! New Vids

Thank you to Rhona for making a music video of my work. "Blush" See vid here

Also here's another time-lapse video update on for my current painting Here


cupcake studio said...

Really enjoyed Rhona's video. Wow. To see all that work together...pretty powerful stuff! You are such a gifted soul, dear Eric. Amazing.

bill said...

Always loved Black Hole Sun, oh and your stuff too. I had forgotten about some of those pieces. Great stroll through memory lane.

I think you could really do something cool on paper again Eric. Doing your washy stuff first and then maybe using a thin coat of matte medium or clear gesso to prepare for oils. Probably, technically don't even need the clear layer. Might just help with the oil stage. I've done this but man you could make it sing.