Monday, November 9, 2009

Go East "Under a Tree" Detail

Things are still quite busy. I'm also preparing for IlluxCon which begins this Thursday in Altoon, PA. In the meantime here's a detail from "Under a Tree". A painting that was part of an opening this past weekend in New York. Thanks for all the support!


Anonymous said...

hope the show was a hit.
thanks for the detail.

alex garcia said...

you have amazing work, very inspiring, hope the show went well.

Heidi Alamanda said...

Your paintings are just sooo good. I enjoyed the three of them at 'Go East'. I especially adored 'A Place that I Remember'.
Good luck with IlluxCon

Tran Nguyen said...

This is simply stunning, Eric. I very much appreciate the subtlety of your values. Lovely and emotive.