Thursday, January 1, 2009

Video Round 2

Trying a different angle and in real time. I tend to turn and spin my painting as I'm working on diff parts so we'll see that will work out on the full video. Plus I often hoover over the work. hmmm....


cupcake studio said...

Hey time put a P.G. warning on your youtube's, would ya? When I saw your posts, I said, "Hey Jack, remember the break dancer from Gooseberry?" (cause that's how he remembers you...) "Want to watch a video of him painting?"
"Yeah!" (Runs to the computer.)
"What is that? Is she naked!?"
Good golly. (Then later he asked if you ENJOYED painting nude people.?!) Happy New Year!

Jewels said...

fantastic, Eric! you have a style very intuned to detail. Love it!

Much better lighting and angle in this one too! Keep it up! Can't wait to see more!