Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Photo Ref

Irene( ) mentions reference. So I thought I would post up some of my own. Some old some recent. Sometimes I visit my Alma Mater to speak to students on illustration. I always stress the importance of proper reference and research. Personally, my work made a huge jump upon introducing photo reference. As I've mentioned before. The struggle comes when adapting the ref with the initial freshness of the sketch. I often have to frankenstein my ref using a piece of a hand here part of a body there. You may not want to become a slave to your ref. However, if you need the information it provides you it's there. Perhaps you can guess which ref was used for which final:)

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H. A. Calles said...

I totally agree on having references to draw or to paint, it only makes your work better, easier and faster and that equals the possibility of producing more work with better quality. I like your work very much. It's very inspirational.