Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm not a Hippy

Joshua the James(middle name "the") called me a hippy cause I didn't have a blog. Hater. I plan to post any art related topics, sketches, new work etc. here. I'll try not to make it too boring.



the Incredible Andy said...

Eric, you're my hero for caving into Josh's awesome righteous pestering.

You wuss.

RZ said...

welcome to the blogosphere. I keep one here, too. I was wondering-- the way you thin down your acrylics, are you able to paint with watercolor brushes, and if so, how long does a good brush last you before getting clogged up with mediums?

Do tell, and hope all is well in OH.

--rz said...

Yep, watercolor brushes on wc paper all the way. I usually opt for the best $5 brushes I can find because I know eventually, even with cleaning they're gonna have too much build up. And remember the right size brush for the right job. I used to do large washes with a small round...not cool. My painting technique is virtually the same as watercolor. Toning the paper speeds things up a bit. I do paint small highlights opaquely. But for the most part the paper is showing through for lighted areas. Thanks for the questions ^_^
E-Crest OUT

RZ said...

Thanks for the tip, yo. I remember Dan Giancola told me once to use a watercolor brush for fine details in oils, and so I sacrificed my one killer Kolinsky sable superfly to oils, and now it's irrevocably effed. I look forward to trying out your kung-fu technique here in my dojo.