Thursday, March 20, 2008


As some of you may know I'm the Artist Guest of Honor for ConGlomeration. Here's the cover image I settled on for their program booklet. Hope to see you at the Con:)


kenjibliss said...

Hey Eric! It's nice to see your blog and these pieces are very awesome! Will you be at SDCC this year? I will be attending and meeting up with Josh and Andy and the rest but It would be cool to meet you. Well hope all is well and can't wait to see more awesome illustrations! Cheers!


Francis Vallejo said...

real nice piece! I've looked at your work for a to see you on the blogs now! If you'd like to check out some other cool blogs, check out my links.

mclean said...

Hey man, good to see you with a blog going on! Hope to see lots of goodies in the future. And for what its worth, I don't think you're a hippy.