Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Smoke Reference

Today I parked off the highway near some smoke stacks to get some photo ref.  I was there earlier in the day then thought it might be cool to go again as the sun set to catch the transition of the setting sun on the smoke.  I was nice and relaxing just sitting there staring at the shifting smoke.  Although, I have a kink in my neck from looking left and up at the smoke from my car.  A policeman stopped by to make sure I was ok, a very nice man.  Then my cousin saw me and stopped by to make sure I was ok.  Feeling some love today :)

Earlier in the day the smoke rose almost straight up.  Though as the sun set a breeze shifted the smoke to the side.  I had never seen that happen before.  I probably have hundreds of pix of these smoke stacks over the years but I've yet to use any.  Perhaps that'll change.  Here are a few of the ones from today.  I think I especially like the last one.

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