Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Laying down some paint

I started off here doing a blue wash over the entire piece then while still really wet using a paper towel to lift up the paint to maintain some light areas.  In this case I was mostly lifting up around the figure.  Afterwards I blocked in fairly flat colors in the background.  Building up the painting all over tends to be a slow process so giving myself something to focus on like the hair helps to keep me going and feels like I'm making more progress.  Though, I think there does need to be a little bit of paint everywhere so that there's some context to compare to see if an area is dark enough, chromatic enough etc.  In the end there's always a lot of back and forth pushing and pulling values and colors.


The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Another beautiful piece, Eric. 2 questions: 1. You seem to be heading in a new direction as far as adding more detail and realism to your pieces. Yes? 2. Are the highlights you have in her hair made by adding a lighter opaque brown or by lifting the acrylic. Thanks. Love your WIP's.

Mark Robison said...

You don't ever project, do you? Amazing drawing skills, love your color also.

Atopeszka said...

I'm in love with your art :)

EricFortune said...

Hi Kim,

1. I think I'm always evolving. I was doing more vague, organic backgrounds and environments and now, Yes, I'm getting into more interior, structural environments with more details. And I'm sure it will morph into something else again.

2. The highlights in the hair at this point was made by doing flat washes of color then darkening around the highlights. In essence letting the tone of the paper show through as a highlight.

Mark- I have projected when transferring. Though, I still tend to transfer fairly loosely and not with a ton of detail. That I add in on the final drawing.

Atopeszka..... Thanks!


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