Tuesday, July 23, 2013

wip nuff said

I lied.  I'll say a little bit more.  Sometimes I forget how fun painting can be.  Especially the somewhat organized spontaneity of the wet on wet application.  On the wall the application is a much thinner wet on wet.  On the table top I'm using a slightly thicker wet on wet application.  Think of a consistency closer to melted ice cream.  It helps to have the colors you intend to bleed together already mixed and ready to go.  I have to keep reminding myself to stay loose(not unlike a "your mom" joke I recently became familiar with) in general.  Though, it also feels good to tighten up and do some detailing here and there and actually finish a section.  I guess the old "everything in moderation" may apply to my process as well.  More to come(insert mom joke here).


Melisa Des Rosiers said...

Man, I'm really excited to see the final. Thanks for sharing the in progress; it's great to get that insight.

anthony t w myers said...

this is coming out great!

have you ever had any issues with your graphite being to prominent in an area. When i have in the past worked in water color, if i had to erase my graphite lines the watercolor would blotch and wouldn't flow so well.

thanks for sharing Eric!

EricFortune said...

You're quite welcome.

Anthony, I'm not sure what other factors may be at work here. It's possible that too much erasing might be disrupting the surface of the paper and causing the paint to absorb differently in that spot. If this is the case. Try using a softer pencil lead for your drawing that is easier to erase. And consider using a kneaded eraser if you aren't already. Hope that helps. It's difficult to say without seeing or hearing more details.