Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Print of "The Secret of Oz"

It's been awhile since I've had a new print to offer.  Here's my latest print with Gallery Nucleus.  I've decided that an open ended edition would be cool to make the print more accessible for those interested in my work.

I'm really interested in the "Pay what you will" model that's recently emerged.  Abundant hi res images for whatever you can afford to contribute?  Sounds great in theory and for anyone interested in my paintings.  Not sure how it will play out in real life.  This new model may require an experiment with one of my pieces to see what happens.  Worse case scenario is it's a freebie.  That doesn't sound so bad ;)  For now I hope you enjoy this piece.

If you're not familiar with "pay what you will" here's a TED Talk by Amanda Palmer


Aseph ( as-if ) :-) said...

Nice print and Nice post mate!

EricFortune said...

Thanks Aseph!

erwannbrun said...

I knew your work but i have just discovered your blog. Thanks for sharing parts of your process. And of course, congratulations for your very sensitive pictures !