Friday, July 20, 2012

If you missed it...

Well, the show is actually still up at LeBasse Projects.  So go and check it out :)  However, if like myself, you aren't able to see the show in person here's some shots of the art on the gallery walls via Juxtapoz  Always cool to see the work framed and on the wall.


David Bernal said...


Kyle said...

wow i would love to be situated well enough to see your show. such amazing work. Thank you for showing us a bit of it.

andrewlong said...

You don't really realize it until seeing the work in person - but there are a lot of artists that try REALLY hard to make art with a computer that looks like Eric's handpainted pieces.

My girlfriend was convinced that "Fetish" was photo manipulation until we got up close - and by close I mean about 4 inches from the paper.

Perhaps the most amazing thing is the techniques that are used to make such smooth transitions from one color to another. In a lot of art you can see where the artist had to mix colors, brushstrokes, etc., but on this work it's a smooth even transition.

Also fascinating, when you get up close, to see how he integrates the pencil (?) under drawing into the shadow lines, clothing folds, etc. of the final piece.

Also also - it was cool to see a piece done on canvas as I've only ever seen his work (in person) on paper.