Monday, February 15, 2010

Slowly but surely

This particular piece has been more confusing to me than most of my previous work. I usually like to leave some room for spontaneity. However, I completely covered the background here about 3 times and totally lost the background drawing in the mix. I was trying to be more aggressive and ended up making some major corrections. Ultimately I stopped painting and had to reestablish what I wanted this piece to look like since it had completely changed. Having figured out my new direction I'm happier than I think I would've been originally. Though the journey there wasn't fun. Always learning :/


MJC *-* said...

Hmmm, i'm not getting this totally: You lost your original sketch, because you painted on top of it?
Well, sometimes it's good to paint over/destroy your piece, so it will turn out to be better.
Maybe you're going to like the end-result more, because you were struggling with it!

EricFortune said...

Exactly, I lost the final background drawing because of too many layers of paint on top. However, it simplified the piece a lot and I think that it needed to be simplified. Or at least I like it better that way.

Heidi Alamanda said...

always learning is what make you a better artist. Also it makes you humble:)
Looking forward to seeing your new direction.