Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Painting

A detail progress of some new work for my Copro Nason Show in Mar. It's gonna be here before I know it. Must paint harder.........and faster!

I try to build the painting up as a whole. But sometimes the progress feels so slow that it's difficult to stay focused. Today I balanced that by giving myself a small goal; painting the hair. Seeing the progress helps me to keep going....sometimes. I also wasted 2 hours watching The Biggest Loser :/ Down time is mandatory also.


Kendra Melton said...

too many people undervalue the importance of breaks. It helps to prevent burn out ...Even if it's watching the biggest loser... :P

EricFortune said...

So true. And yet there's a sort of quilt that won't leave me alone. Just the other day I found a list of art tips given to me by a friend when I quit my 9-5 illo job for full time freelance. They make a lot of sense. However, I'm not always mindful of them. Perhaps I'll post them up. Thanks Kendra:)

CGriffin said...

Yes, post the tips! *grovel*

Thea Schultheiss said...

This is looking stunning!!

I really like your idea of small goals at a time, looking at an entire piece can be daunting, thanks for that!

Would love to see those tips if you felt inclined to post them :D

cupcake studio said...


AG Ford said...

Looking good man. Yeah I know what you mean, downtime is necessary, hahah. I try not to wear myself out, but sometimes, exhaustion from getting something done is the best feeling. Things are looking good man, you seem to be steady creating, and thats always good. Well take care man, and give me a call whenever you want to just talk about art and stuff, Peace bro!

Oh yeah, and Im still trying to figure out which painting of mine that I am going to give to you, as a trade for the gorilla painting you gave me.

soutchay said...

Looking fantastic Eric!

Kendra Melton said...

Yea, that'd be cool if you posted that list of tips, it'd be interesting to see what they are.

Sometimes to get pumped it just feels good to complete something, the same concept as you getting more detailed in certain areas to see where the piece is going. Or you could even try to do a smaller piece/experiment for yourself to take a break and recharge.

If all else fails I always find it helpful to get out of the house. If I stay inside for too many consecutive days I notice my pace becomes slower and I start to stagnate; same applies when my work space gets too cluttered with books, sketches, and other miscellaneous crap.

as always great work! :]