Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Art Party =) Wed July 15th

I'm aiming to ship out all the art work for Roq La Rue's show on the 16th. So I've decided to have an open house for anyone in the neighborhood who'd like to see the work before it heads out west on Weds. July 15th. If interested please feel free to buy some alcohol and drop it off at my place.......oh, and check out the new paintings;)

Anytime after 7pm
Eric Fortune's Crib
517 East Tompkins St
Columbus, OH 43202


beau b said...

Artist "Cribs"

EricFortune said...

Ballin outta control! I sprinkles diamonds on my food! ...so maybe I'll see you on Wed? ;)

EricFortune said...

umm...Dave Chappelle reference

Ricardo Betancourt said...

This is so nice of you, I don't think I've ever heard of anyone doing a pre show shipping party at a studio. If I live anywhere close to your studio I would definitely drop by. Good luck with the show. By the way your art is spectacular.

EricFortune said...

Thanks. Well, a lot of my friends are also artists and it's still a little sad sending art away. Esp if you don't get to share it with anyone. Plus I'm totally gonna be ready for a drink;) or I might in zombie mode from lack of sleep:/