Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Escapist Progress Pix and Close Ups


Eric Braddock said...


thanks for sharing the in progress pictures! It's always great to take a look at someone's piece in steps, or at least, I think it's so interesting. Either way, I think it came out great, I was surprised to see it get so much criticism on CA, some people are extreeeemely picky I guess, either way, nice job, I look forward to seeing more! said...

Thanks Eric,
I really appreciate the time you took to comment. Criticism can help you grow. You just have to filter out the crits you don't agree with and listen to the ones that will make you better.

My name is none of your buisness said...

hey i just discovered your art and its awesome!
i found it on the cover on a book called Hurt Go Happy.
i love your new painting!